Living for today

Live today in the choices you make not by the decisions of others limiting your way, fight for what’s yours, and you will become what you strive so hard to achieve. Which has been proven to be true all throughout history by the same human beings living in impossible circumstances, only ti find unlikely solutions to improbable things. Since there is no such thing as impossible only improbable breaking past barriers is natural to us as a species since we have evolved to be the powerful creatures on the earth through blood and sacrifice. Developing the characteristics that make us so spectacular as a people that no animal in history can compare so take every chance to win no matter the costs or you will never actually live the days the way you want. Save your future from the lame aspects of life and be extraordinary it’s the only victory you will see that matters. Continue reading



How do you get the most out of your life? Like seriously do you ever wonder? I do and continue to do all the time. First of all, we have to have a moment of silence to ourselves and evaluate who we are from the inside. Discipline your emotions to help you do better. How many of you are taking time for yourself? How many of your are afraid of being alone? These feelings and complexes are to be dealt with quickly because if you can not stand alone and go your direction or ignore everyone else, then you will not be extraordinary. You might be reading this saying well I don’t want to be extraordinary! Haha well, then you shouldn’t be reading this because this is for the strong people who want more and know they will get exactly that. Don’t mess around with the outcome of your life and start taking control of it. We always sit back and say damn this happened, or that happen http:/

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In life, we all face adversities and challenges that will either build us or break us. It all matters on how you perceive the issue. The most emotional and spiritual growth is done in times of rough patches! I love speaking on famous figures on the planet because they usually have to pass some great roadblocks and headaches to achieve what they are desiring! I’m going to touch on Tiger Woods this afternoon because he is a classic story of having everything going swell for years and years then he made some bad decisions that put him off his trajectory. In 2006 Earl Woods, Tiger Woods father had passed away from prostate cancer. He was suffering from great grief, but either way, he came back to the PGA and British Open to Dominate 1st place. The next year he was blessed with a child. Sam Woods his daughter kept him off the golf course for some time. This didn’t matter because he came back once again to win the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship. He went through extensive arthroscopic knee surgery before his U.S. Open in 2008 and was battling for the first in the last two holes. It went into sudden death, and he was able to pull off par while his opponent hit a boogie. Continue reading

The Mental Side Of Things

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In anything you do in life 80% is going to be the mental side of things, and 20% the mechanics of it all. If you can master your mind, you can master the world around you! I’m going to speak on learning the mental side of sports today. Which sport in particular? Natural, golf is probably the most mentally challenging over all other sporting areas. The reason I say this is because you don’t have to be in the best shape or hold a particular body type to excel at the sport, but you do need to be able to get your mind and body to work in precise repetition to get consistent results. The most dominate golfer we have seen since the days of Arnold Palmer would be Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods would go to dominate the world of golfing for about 12 years without anyone coming close to his title. Tiger Woods born in Cypress Hills, California 1975. His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods, but his father referred to him as “Tiger.” His father Earl Woods was a military official who gave him the nickname in respects to his fallen comrades in war. Around the time, he was given the name was the same time he started to learn golf. He was 8 when he was first introduced to the sport. His dad would go on to mentor and teach him the ropes. He became extremely efficient with his shots and precision. So good that he would be invited to perform golf tricks on famous morning time shows. Tiger Woods got older; he was winning a lot of amateur golf titles and making his way to the pro circuit.He went to school at Stanford University and was quite smart in his academics. In 1996, he turned professional and shot an amazing way to winning the Masters at Augusta 1997. He was the youngest player to win at his age, which was 21 and he also broke records with hitting 270! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that he was the first African-American to accomplish this as well. At the first British Open in the same year, he went on to tie for the best record ever shot on the course. It seemed as if there was no stopping the man. He won a few U.S. PGA titles, a few U.S Opens, and a few more Masters. He went on to marry the girl of his dreams, and everything was going smooth. He would remain to be the best golfer on the planet for years to come! That period was amazing to watch the man.